Was versteht man unter der "Galvano Therapie"?

In 2005 galvamedix gmbh was founded with the objective of developing and producing devices for galvano therapy and satisfying the highest expectations of engineering and medicine.

Development and further development is built on scientific research conducted in cooperation with the Frankfurt University Clinic. Close cooperation with the specialty center for galvano therapy in Regensburg has made it possible for us to draw on many years of experience with this treatment.

This foundation enabled our team to begin the development of a device which permits galvano therapy to be administered effectively and efficiently. During design finalization it proved possible to find production companies which were able to contribute their specialist know-how to different parts of the finished product.

In the future, too, quality will always be the top priority for galvamedix gmbh this means both engineering innovation and the further development of galvano therapy in medical terms.

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Puncturing with ultrasound

In the restricted access area you will find a film recording showing puncturing by means of ultrasound...

Improved emergency kill switch

News - Improved emergency kill switch Further improvements have been made to the safety of the emergency kill switch. The device now continually monitors ....
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New functions

News - Der Not-Aus-Taster One of the new functions we have incorporated is a coulomb controller. This makes it possible to vary the length of the treatment steps by entering a certain charge...
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Improved tretment report

News - Improved treatment report Improvements have been made to the treatment report so that all the data and the overview are now contained in a single page. ...
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New user interface

The galvaionic 75/32 is now far more user-friendly. We have made a number of changes to the graphic interface. We have removed a lot of unnecessary clicks so that the treating physician...
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The Emergency Kill Switch

As part of the constant improvement of our products we have been able to achieve an further new milestone ...
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Clinical Studies

Together with the out-patient clinic of Dr. Mayer in Regensburg, the Institute of Radiology at the Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main carried...

Press Commentaries

Press and public awareness of and regard for galvano therapy is increasing all the time. In our section for the press, our aim is to gather together...


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